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Understand the maintenance details of the folding mask machine

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Mask equipment bought back maintenance is very important, the primary maintenance to do a bit, the equipment in the operation is also very smooth, manufactured masks meet the standard, do this detail affect the area is very large. Under the folding mask machine, check the following common problems and solutions:
I. appearance:
Masks are used to wear on the face, some even into the operating room, so the production of masks must be required to fold mask machine every day for cleaning. You can organize people to clean the operation table and the plate of the mask after power off every day after work. Be careful not to use water or oil. You can use alcohol and other non-toxic volatile cleaning fluid.
Ultrasonic system: folding mask machine
Check whether the ultrasonic system is clean, especially ultrasonic electric box, ultrasonic transducer, welding head it is necessary to monotonous cleaning can not have water, connection line is not healthy. Always check the wear of ultrasonic welding head (mold). Folding mask machine careful inquiry ultrasonic electric box voltmeter and ammeter pointer is normal.
Iii. Driving system
Transmission system includes motor, gear, reduction gear, sprocket, chain, conveyor belt and other parts, folding mask machine maintenance needs to check whether the motor surface is dust and other things affect the heat dissipation, gear, sprocket is not oil, is there a fixture. The tightness of the chain is appropriate is there a foreign body, the connection screw of the transmission is loose and so on. Is there enough lubricating oil for the reducer? It is usually required to replace the oil once in 1000-1500 hours.
Electric system: folding mask machine
Check whether the circuit connector of folding mask machine is loose, and whether the main power cord and branch signal line are worn? Aging? Loose? Inside the electric box is not clean and monotonous, exhaust fan is not normal operation and so on. Mask folding machine
V. pneumatic system:
Air filter check for water? Check for air leakage in the trachea. Is there any air leakage in the cylinder? The position and operation of cylinder magnetic defense sensor are normal.
Other: equipment should not come into contact with corrosive liquids and objects. For example, sweat can easily cause equipment parts to rust. The equipment is not used for a long time, to fold the mask machine transmission system and easy to rust parts wipe anti-rust oil.
Folding mask machine manufacturers according to the needs of the mask production equipment maintenance, not only can reduce the repair times of folding mask machine, but also can move the operating life of folding mask machine, and then supply the company's production power.

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