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How to reduce the failure rate of automatic mask machine?

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Ultrasonic automatic respirator machine is a kind of advanced machine control system, PLC programming control material to the mechanical one-time completed, in the overall production process, only need to complete the operation, the feed this belongs to a kind of automatic production mode, how to automation and mechanization of double combination become a key, the ultrasonic automatic face mask machine can one operator all the work, greatly improve production efficiency.
If the mask machine performance failure due to a long time of operation, you can invite the relevant staff to repair it, on the one hand to maintain the machinery and extend the life, in addition, to protect mechanical parts from damage, so the maintenance and maintenance of automatic mask machine, can reduce a lot of production failures.
In the related production personnel operating mask, hard to avoid in the work period of ultrasonic automatic respirator machine shutdown, power of mechanical to conduct a comprehensive inspection and cleaning, masks, debris and rubbish on can use alcohol and cleanser, at the same time you can check whether there is an error and wear face mask machine, you can inspection on face mask machine lines, parts, electrical boxes and other equipment regular maintenance.