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Is it difficult to operate the mask machine? What is the productivity?

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Mask machine equipment manufacturer is a research and development, production, sales in one of the non-woven deep processing machinery manufacturers, for a variety of mask machine semi-automatic equipment and fully automatic equipment, whether the operation steps are too complicated, mask production steps are those?
Production steps of mask:
1. The inner mask is formed, and the shaped cotton is used for hot pressing to form the mask;
2. The outer mask is formed, which can be made of non-woven fabric, melt-blown fabric, activated carbon non-woven fabric and other materials into sheet mask;
3. Multi-mask pressing, pressing the inner and outer masks together, usually forming three to five layers of masks;
4. Cut the edge, cut off the extra edge of the pressed mask, leaving the whole mask shape;
5. Nose line is fitted. The nose line can be used to adjust the wearing position of the mask.
6. Weld the earband to both ends of the mask. There are many kinds of earband materials.
7. Mask processing, packaging, disinfection and other steps
The above is the mask machine mask production steps, in fact, the operation is relatively simple, directly into the boot can be, but machinery to remember regular maintenance and maintenance, mask production can be perfectly solved.