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About each kind of mask machine information brief introduction

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Full-automatic cup mask machine parameters:
Power: 5 kw
Electric voltage: 220 v
Weight: 500 kg
External dimensions: 3500 x 1500 x 1800mm
Effective rate: 20-70 / PCS
Air pressure: 5kg/c㎡
Features of full-automatic cup mask machine:
1. The advanced servo and thermostatic control system adopted is controlled by the PLC program, so that the material can be completed from entering to forming to welding to punching, and the whole production process is fully automated.
2, the equipment only needs to be equipped with a fully automatic cup mask nose bridge ear belt welding machine, can produce countless types of market tight cup mask products.
3. The products are exquisitely made and the quality completely meets or exceeds the testing standards at home and abroad. At the same time compared with the previous market mask equipment save more than 30%. In this way, we can reduce the cost and improve the efficiency.
All from n95 mask machine
Fully automatic production of mask body machine, including feeding, plastic strip type aluminum strip insertion/cutting, scene selection, ultrasonic fusion, slicing process automation, high output, can produce 1-200 pieces per minute. Main power variable frequency speed regulation, can be fast or slow, use different materials can produce different masks, the product has two, three, and the product quality is stable, easy to operate, low noise small footprint. Applicable material: spun-bonded filament non-woven fabric, 16-30g/m2 suitable for processing disposable masks
N95 cup mask machine
Hot pressing: the mask material (non-woven fabric) and superheated pressure form forming (cup shape). 1, including automatic returnable action and feeding rack; 2. Make one mask of four at a time.
Section: it is used to make the outer layer (protective layer) of cup mask. The special alloy steel is used to make the flower wheel, the blade is wear-resistant and the service life is long. It is flexible, fast and high levelness
Blanking: press the inner and outer layers of the mask together
Cutting edge: use pneumatic stamping to remove the excess edge of the mask.
Breathing valve welding: welding mask breathing valve
Welding area: 130mm
Speed: 20-30 / min
Fuselage integral structure, using safety adjustment scale control; Intelligent computer control, accuracy up to one thousandth of a second; Mold level adjustment fuselage motor automatically up, down, base level adjustment.
Ear belt spot welder: speed: 8-12 pieces /min can be used for welding plane, inner ear belt/outer ear belt, standard mask, duck mouth and other shaped masks. After making the mask body, weld the ear band manually.

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