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Analysis of the types of masks made by the mask machine

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Now mask machine can produce a very wide range of masks, because now due to environmental pollution, industrial technology brought about by the change in the working environment, many places have to use masks to protect their own safety. At this time the mask machine must produce a variety of masks to face such a situation.
Gauze masks, protective masks, dust masks, woven yarn only to protect people from harmful substances in the respiratory organs damage respiratory protective equipment. Generally by mask and cartridge.
Mainly used in low concentration of harmful gas and vapor operating environment. Sorbent tanks are loaded or adsorbent only. Some cans have further layers of filter elements to prevent aerosols. Some military masks, mainly through activated carbon cloth, or using waterproof oil-resistant fabric for the outer layer, inner glass fiber filter material, activated carbon soaked polyurethane foam for the bottom, you can be surprised to provide temporary gas protection.
Protective masks and gas masks can be dust, you can filter hazardous substances mask.
There are a variety of respirators, usually divided into two categories based on their structure and how they work: respirators and gas-masks.
Respirator, or simply filter mask works contain harmful air filtered through the mask after the evolution of inhalation media. A filter mask structure is divided into two parts, one is the main body of the mask, and the other is the filtering part, which includes the chemical used to filter the dust for cotton and the anti-virus filter box.
A supply respirator with a hazardous substance refers to a clean air source isolated by dynamic actions such as an air compressor, compressed gas cylinder equipment, management and delivery to a person's face to mask people's breathing.
The use of mask machine has been very common, for people's life and work is also very indispensable.