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    On Ming Mountain, the peaks and vegetation remain the same, and the buildings vary either magnificent or elegant. But the sky has been replaced by blood. The temperature is moderate, but there is no wind. There was no wind, no airflow, and the sky was the color of blood, it felt very sad. Each of the four major sects and twelve sects controls their disciples and does not allow them to move freely. In another courtyard of Qingyan Sect. There are many female disciples of the Qingyan Sect, so the architectural style is also full of femininity. Flowers bloom everywhere, the fragrance is sweet. Qionglou Yuge, refined and elegant. Thanh Nham sect did not bring many disciples this time, only forty or fifty people. At this time, the teachers ordered the disciples not to go out and walk around. But under such a situation, the female disciples of the Qingyan Sect could not sit still. Meet and talk. As for Lu Bu and Li Keji, they were the only two male disciples brought by the Qingyan Sect this time. Certainly, as Li Yuguang said, Li Keji is very close to the girls, one sister, one sister, very easily. Lu Bu was far behind, holding an iron sword in his hand, sitting in the corner like a statue. His iron sword has truly changed. Qingyan Sect also has the path of sword cultivation, but the method is different. But in general, it is the same, cultivating the sword, cultivating both life and soul. Lu Bu's iron sword was modified by his master and turned into a decent sword. Lu Bu was very upset with his senior sister, and the little junior sister chatted, which is why she seemed so cold. But seniors and seniors are not afraid of him. And the fire burned, it burned towards Lu Bu. However, in the case of this illusion, Qingyan Sect lost a few disciples. The female disciples were all in a nervous mood. Under such circumstances, what they were talking about was of course Earth Magic Array and Truong Ninh. "Who is this senior? Ly Khac Tu, aren't you and senior friends? You should know something, right?" A senior sister raised her head and asked Ly Khac Ky. Ly Khac Tu was very naive, thinking in his heart, I also know that his name is Truong Ninh, his sister is Luu Tu Tu, I don't know anything else. "This senior has always been very mysterious. I don't know his background." Ly Khac Tu firmly shook his head and said. "You really are an idiot. Having been friends with this senior for so long, you haven't even discovered a single clue." The senior sister who had just spoken spoke disdainfully. "Ha ha, senior sister said I was stupid." Ly Khac Tu laughed dryly and firmly admitted. "Even though I don't know, Lu Bu should know a little bit. Because before meeting this senior, Lu Bu had passed by him." Ly Khac Tu turned his head and glanced at Lu Bo and said. The fire burned on Lu Bu's body like this. "Lu Bo, what do you know?" The sisters immediately surrounded Lu Bu, and as soon as they opened their mouths, the sisters asked. Lu Bu helplessly opened his eyes and glanced at Li Keji, who seemed innocent. “I don't know much either.” Lu Bu reluctantly told his master and sister how he met Truong Ninh. But clearly this information is of no use to birds. On the Immortal Mountain, what Zhang Ning killed the bloody man with was the light of Buddha in Liu Xiuxiu's body. Just like today on Mingshan Mountain, Zhang Ning used Buddha's light to break his opponent's illusion. Everyone knows. There was a very high-class relic hidden in the body of the seemingly normal sister next to this senior. However, there is another important factor in the information revealed by Lu Bu. "According to Lu Bu, this senior is extremely unwilling to meddle in other people's affairs. However, when he met Lu Bu just now, he killed Yuan Yougu, a remnant of the Blood River Sect, which proves that that there is a strong relationship between this Senior and the Blood River Sect, there must be some cause and effect, just like this time, the Blood River God Sect's experts from the upper world came to the lower world, taking advantage of the earth-shattering demons. The battle to restore the righteous sect. The Blood River Divine Sect's altar in the Void Heaven Realm, Senior agrees to this matter." A senior sister analyzed and said. And this is the problem. What method will this senior use to destroy the demon formation? You must know that it is an earth-shattering demon formation, the Blood River God Sect in the past. Void Heaven Realm's guardian array, with unparalleled power, is the Void Heaven Realm's top-level formation. Even if Truong Ninh is stronger, being suppressed by the world, breaking through the thrust will still be extremely difficult. . Thinking about this, it's really worrying. "Sister Tran just died like that, without a sound, will we also die here? " A female disciple with weak mental strength began to cry. "Don't worry, if this senior immediately agrees, there must be a way." A senior sister quickly comforted. ... Situation It's dangerous right now, if for the other side you destroy Minh Son, then sacrifice thousands of souls with blood, then break through the four great and twelve sects, sweeping the entire Void Heaven Realm. At that time, the illusory heaven will become demon realm. Life is devastated, and demons are rampant. As for the current four great sects, the twelve sects, although they have many experts, are not enough to attack the Earth Magic Formation, they can only rely on Entering the Huyen Vu battle to defend in a short time. A big event is about to happen, it is difficult to be at peace, not only are the female disciples of Thanh Nham sect. Inside the yard of Han Son pagoda. One sect, one style. Pagoda Han Son is a Buddhist temple, its other courtyards are also brilliant with golden light, precious light rising to the sky. It is another Buddhist courtyard. Inside the monastery is extremely simple, just a single temple. At this time, Master Faming was sitting on the bed with benevolent eyebrows and kind eyes, and his disciple Monk Wuzhen was sitting under the bed with beautiful eyes and eyebrows. Master Faming was a prominent monk of the time at Hanshan Temple, and he was very famous in the entire Xutian Kingdom, but his Buddhist abilities were not enough to fight against the earth-shattering demon formation. This pair of master and disciple are also discussing the matter here. But with the female disciples of the Thanh Nham sect, things are a little different. Monk Wuzhen clasped his hands, proclaimed the Buddha's name and said: "Amitabha. Master. The relic in Ms. Liu's body is completely abnormal. I don't know which Buddhist monk left it." teacher to see its origin." . Master Faming shook his head and said. However, Buddhism also has many sects, and between sects there will be some differences. But the door of Buddhism is so wide, Even Master Phap Nam could not see through the origin of the relic in Liu Xiu Xiu's body. "If we destroy Minh Son, the Void Heaven Realm will burn people. I don't know what magic weapon this senior has. can break the heaven and earth demon formation." Monk Vo Chan heard that his master didn't know so he let it go. Instead he asked. "I'm afraid it has some relationship with that girl's relic, I heard that the predecessor This senior is very special, not only does he hold the Divine Dao golden book, he can also use Buddha's Origin and True Origin. That girl cannot use relics, but this senior should be able to use it. "Okay. If you use the magic, you can definitely break through the earth-shattering demon formation." The magician clasped his hands and said. "Amitabha Buddha, exorcises demons, protects demons, subdues demons. If I can survive this tribulation, I vow to enter the Ten Thousand Buddhas Temple to enter retreat, without relics, and without leaving the temple." Monk Wuzhen said. “You have this ambition, I am honored to be your master.” Master Phap Minh said happily. Swordsmen and Buddhists generally have a good relationship, because they share common interests. Buddha calls it a dharma protector, swordsmen call it an exorcist. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is an architectural building in Hanshan Temple, a retreat for a group of monks. Only when they recognize the relics can they leave the gate, but monk Wuzhen has just begun, and he has Such great ambition. Master Phap was naturally satisfied. I also know that this practitioner was agitated by what happened today. Powerlessness is heavy. That earth-shattering demon formation was so powerful, it was truly powerless. impotent. This was the sigh of the teachers of the four sects and twelve sects on Mingshan Mountain. Most places in the void are still chaotic, some places are poor rivers and mountains, where evildoers and strongmen are entrenched, and some places are simply strange and unpredictable. The north, occupied by four sects and twelve sects, is an orderly land. For many years, the disciples of the four sects and twelve sects have tried to bring peace to the world, but without success. Contemporary masters have also made a name for themselves. Miaojian Master, Pure Sword Master, Dharma Master, Mingxiu Palace Jing Qingchen, Zhenyuanmen Master Ming, and even Qingyanzong Wang Qingyi all have reputations, it can be said that they have power in this world. But these people combined are not enough to break through the Earth Matrix, even if there is a chance of victory, there is no chance of victory. If it weren't for Truong Ninh, he would just be sitting on Minh Son, closing his eyes and waiting for death. How can these leaders not sigh at their own incompetence? But what is Zhang Ning doing with the hopes of the four major mountain sects, the teachers of the twelve sects, and the hopes of thousands of disciples? Zhang Ning took Liu Xiuxiu out of the other courtyard of Jingshan Jianzong and lived on Motian Cliff. Zhang Ning worked as a carpenter, cut down large trees, built porch columns, built the support of a two-story building, then used a Buddhist knife to divide gold and jade like a carpenter's knife to cut wooden planks and build. the outer walls of the house, stairs. Zhang Ning did everything very neatly, before and after only took a quarter of an hour. The two-story wooden house has been completed. Zhang Ning smiled with satisfaction, jumped onto the roof, then took out the Buddha Knife and continued to spit Phat Nguyen on the Buddha Knife to practice the knife. Even Liu Xiuxiu knows that the current situation is extremely bad. Although Liu Xiuxiu knew that her brother Zhang had great magical power and endless mana. Almost anything can be done. In fact, Liu Xiuxiu already knew half of Zhang Ning's abilities. Her confidence comes from blindly worshiping Truong Ninh. In general, Mr. Zhang is invincible, which is completely trustworthy. But now things have become serious, Brother Truong doesn't want to do anything, just build a wooden house here and use a knife to spit out all day long. Liu Xiuxiu always thought that Zhang Ning was spitting on the knife. Liu Xiuxiu couldn't stand such an attitude. Liu Xiuxiu came to the door of the house, raised his head to look at Zhang Ning and said: "Brother Zhang, the monster outside is so powerful, can you be more serious?" "Where am I not serious?" Zhang Ning looked down Liu Xiuxiu and asked strangely. "Brother Zhang, building a house is useless, pulling out a knife is also useless, how can you be serious?" Liu Xiuxiu said dejectedly. "What I spit out is Buddha Origin, not saliva. Sword training is also a very serious matter. You will know later when you practice Buddhahood, Xiu Xiu." Truong Ninh smiled, then seriously explained: "It is not difficult for me to break through the Earth Demon Formation, but if I use too much force, I am afraid that even the sky will be punctured. On the contrary, this Demon There are things on the cliffs that can help me easily break through the formation." Liu Xiu Xiu first had a look of incomprehension on his face, then he understood. Said: "Is it the treasure of the Blood River Sect that Yu Guang and others talked about? Mr. Zhang, have you found it?" . Oh my god, there are still two days." Truong Ninh said with a smile. But Zhang Ning killed a chickadee every day, and at different times every day, just to find that thing. That thing is very special, if taken yes, it is possible to break through the Earth Matrix. But that thing is not a good thing. If Truong Ninh gets it, he will destroy it too. Zhang Ning doesn't like anything about the Blood River God Sect. Liu Xiu Xiu originally only She was worried about Truong Ninh's attitude, but seeing that Truong Ninh had a way to deal with it, she was reassured and smiled happily. The lively girl had nothing to do, so she went around the mountains and forests to find flowers, then made two rings. The flowers were both beautiful and fragrant, one for herself and one for Truong Ninh. Then Liu Xiuxiu also sat on the roof, holding Zhang Ning's arm, and her head was placed on Zhang Ning's shoulder, the wreaths of flowers on her head were very beautiful. So two more days passed. Finally the twelfth day came. At noon that day, Zhang Ning found a prey on Motian Cliff. The chick was unremarkable, chirping endlessly. . And this is actually a normal tit for tat, but in its blood there is something hidden, which can also be said to be binding, locked. Why did the masters of the four major sects and twelve sects search for Mac Thien Nhai for countless generations, but found nothing? That's because this secret is hidden among normal breasts. Twelve chests hide twelve locks. Tit is common, will not become extinct. When the locked nipple dies, it will be transferred to another nipple, and it will continue to live like this. This is also the method of the Blood River God Sect, the blood vessels of the Blood River God Sect are extremely in-depth. But if you find a specific tit for a specific time and kill it, the lock will not regenerate. There are twelve hours in a day, and twelve are samsara. You can get that by killing them one by one. It can also be said to be the inheritance of the Blood River God Sect in this world. Those who do not know, even if they destroy Motianya, they cannot destroy this inheritance. Zhang Ning found the last prey, then from his fingers emitted a sword energy, beheading the prey. The prey falls to the ground, motionless. But the next moment, something happened. Twelve drops of blood suddenly appeared on the ground. The location of the blood drops was the spot where the chick that Truong Ninh killed twelve days ago fell to the ground. It is also a lock. As the twelve drops of blood emerged and shot into the air, the blood beads became larger and turned into a mass of clotted blood. After the blood rolled for a while, a blood-colored sail appeared. Blood soul sail. Li Yuguang once said that Zhan Riyue, the leader of the Blood River God Sect in this world, held the Blood Soul Sail and fought countless masters from the four major sects and twelve sects, and was invincible . Maybe it's the sail. Perhaps it was also damaged by war that year, but after many years of nurturing, the Blood Soul Sail had regained its former strength.Zhang Ning stretched out his hand, and the Blood Soul Sail fell into his hand.

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    This situation must be strong, it can be said that the Ba Dao Sect is moving forward step by step, while the Martial King Pavilion is shrinking, almost turning into a turtle with its head withdrawn.

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    Zhang Ning and Li Yuanba have an inseparable relationship, but they have never been promoted to pay homage to their mother, he once went to Duke Ning's mansion and met Mrs. Jin, mother of Li Yuanba, but he also knew the location of Prince Ning's mansion.

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    As long as his strength reaches the heavenly realm, no matter where he is, he will be a famous man. And in this unremarkable alley in the civilian area of Qidu city.

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