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    "It's okay, I'll just stand and watch." Vuong Han also smiled and shook his head, drinking tea and looking at the documents in front of him for a while.

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    What can we do? We have absolutely no way to contact this man! Why did this Lanning Wanghan do this! Close the door?! The dormitory itself had this kind of refusal to disturb factor, but everyone with some normal mind wouldn't rush to bother others while they were practicing. Each dormitory room is a student's very private place, sacred and inviolable! But he still wants to do this... Teacher Shuren says Side is depressed.

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    “Ah, how are you?” Lanning Xiaoxi was confused, she didn't think of these two people at all, right now she just wanted to go see Vuong Han, she didn't want to do anything except this... But. .. But not wanting to do it and having to do it are two different things. She still knows Mi Qiyun and Mi Qixin. These two people have had dinner before and learned about each other in detail. The other person is also a member of the Spirit Bang. The two granddaughters of relatively famous big families in the county don't matter whether they're beautiful, the key is that these two people have a really good status in the Elven State county, so Lanning Xiaoxi can only be strong in Trying not to bite, he looked at the two girls standing in front of him. After a brief greeting, he wanted to see what the next two people were doing.

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    However, seeing people from your hometown in the sky is extremely exciting!

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    Vuong Han probably never thought in his entire life that he would become even more of a monster in a monster's mouth... If he heard these words, he would probably be helpless.

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    The more Vuong Han thought about it, the more helpless he felt, but after summarizing everything into calculating ability, many things were solved completely logically, "Think about it if I had just arrived at the Holy Capital system. With The ability to calculate this time, am I invincible? All kinds of things can be directly understood in a second... Many things do not need to run around to see the results, going back and forth , move forward directly. Just need to calculate..."

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    Ha ha, I don't know exactly what happened, just suddenly one day, many monsters rushed towards our yard from afar, I didn't react at that time, when I really reacted. In response, it was too late when everyone was told to retreat and hide in the yard. A lot of people were beheaded, and there weren't many left. After this group of monsters retreated once, we thought it might happen. Anyway, it's a coincidence, something like this has never happened before, and it will be like this for the next half a year, no monsters will come to the yard to attack us anymore! But about On our side, we don't need to worry about everything. When you can continue to practice slowly according to the previous training plan, they will return!

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    Do you want money? . . . You need computing power, don't you? Vuong Han then added, if you don't need the ability to calculate, then you can go yourself, what about the ability to calculate yourself? very important.

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    "Okay." Vuong Han replied: "So what was Phac Can Liet Academy you were talking about just now? What you mean, in two days I will go with you to Phac Can Liet Academy?"

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    While Butuo and Lanning Xiaoxi were communicating, Wang Han was simply deciding on the battle plan.

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    "Do you want to know? But I won't tell you!" In Vuong Han's expectant eyes, Xie Lien said very proudly: "Currently you are only an SR level existence. If you want to know more, you must first get the Divine Weapon." ssr medal, otherwise, if everyone is like you and asks me this question before giving me any gift, then I will be very miserable, so I won't tell you, what's the matter So, what's going on? Boy, you didn't even bring me a gift! You are so angry with me!”

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    Lan Ning Xiaoxi suddenly remembered the problem of Vuong Han's current calculation ability after walking around for a while. Just now she couldn't check her calculation ability with Vuong Han, so she still needed to ask at this time, not because of her. Wanting to simply know a number, but wanting to get suppressed happiness from this number, belongs to that special suffocating feeling, so that when her cultivation encounters a deadlock, she can directly scold her. Vuong Han said twice that this was not the name. human too...a feeling of happiness...yes...very happy.

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    Likewise, in my current state, I directly use the combined computing power of my mind and soul, and use the computing power to directly destroy the other party's soul with force. force. If it's bad, then the other party's computing power is worse than mine, so why should I use such a barbaric method? This is simply ridiculous. What I must do is to be able to let my explosive arrow penetrate the opponent's soul, directly detonate deep within the opponent's soul, and then achieve the goal of completely taking away the opponent's soul. direction!"

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    “When he beat the duckling, he ran away, causing everyone to despise him. If he does not have the thought of contempt at this time, not only will he not take the opposite side of him, but he will fall into it. If he chooses to help him in a state of confusion, then this person must be worth communicating with! After escaping, you can clearly see who in the Lanning Academy is as useless as you, and who will actually support him!... Finally, Lanning Wang Han's move The game is truly overflowing full of wit and fun, endless life, peace of mind, people turn their backs, heaven and earth shake!” Bo Tuo's judgment was very firm, there was no problem, and at this time, no matter how he was entangled with Lan Ninh Vuong Han's strength, it was no longer important to him.

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    "YES!" Lanning Xiaoxi led Wang Han along a hallway, "This place is different from our dormitory, it has no way of determining the location we want to go to, anyway, even if it's central, you can't It's just a random read." Taking other people's ideas is against the rules, so in this situation we have to choose which floor we want to go to."

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    “After so long, I can finally surf the internet again.” Vuong Han said softly.

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    The oil lamp was no longer able to provide him with any combat power support. From this point of view, Vuong Han's current combat power must have reached the level of some of the strongest people in this world before. Here, it feels a bit like twenty years ago, he Its combat effectiveness has more than doubled compared to less than 4,000 years ago, directly drifting to more than 9,000 years of combat effectiveness. , it's just that the combat effectiveness value is already twice as high as Porphyrin's. Currently, Prince Han does not appear in front of Porphyrin at all. Otherwise, if Porphyrin knew about this, the expression on Porphyrin's face would be so wonderful, disciple. His has surpassed him by so far within a hundred years! It has reached such a terrifying level! Vuong Han's fighting logic is very simple. When he has free time, he goes out to hunt some demon beasts with similar strength to himself, captures dozens of demon corpses to recover the relics, and then begins to practice hard. From his perspective, the monster's body was now more like rotten wood. A monster of the same level could probably provide him and Manh Manh with about half a year of training time to practice at the same time. thirty years. But he is very comfortable here, the entire logic is very convenient, relatively safe, but for the monster side, Vuong Han's existence has become a terrible nightmare! It was a nightmare in the true sense, perhaps even monsters never imagined that one day they would be raped to such an extent by a person! It's been less than a hundred years, and from the beginning they still have some sense of territory. If other monsters come to their area, they must be killed! But after the monsters inexplicably died, they had no choice but to huddle together to keep warm, and after small groups were wiped out, they actually began to survive in the form of Wake up in a group.

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    "Do not worry." Vuong Han walked in front, smiled, turned around, paused, and asked again: "Do you have the ability to calculate resurrection?"

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    The room became quiet again. She frowned and looked at Vuong Han, not knowing whether to laugh or cry: "You killed Ly Lo Nguyen?!"

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    Ca ca! Don't kill me! Ca ca! Really don't kill me, there are young and old in my family. If you kill me, my whole family will collapse! It. , when it was discovered directly again, it immediately knelt down and begged for mercy. The cruel words it had said before were momentarily forgotten. Now it just wants to leave this place and submit to the former bird demon. If you want to convince me, just go over there and fight the people in the yard!

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    Seeing the animal's expression on Lanning Xiaoxi's side, Wang Han then nodded self-consciously, "Wow.

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    Who is he? The girl didn't understand, but quickly came up with an answer in her mind, "Could it be that this young man took the initiative to go out and start a conversation for Thien Thien's dignity?! After all, it's such a girl, if I as a man, I would definitely enjoy it. Hehe, but he might have miscalculated his fighting strength. Qianqian had five hundred years of cultivation when he was young, but what about him? You He looks like a normal person, if he was an old man, I could feel that he had restrained his temperament, but with the appearance of this young man, he was probably a Stupid existence!”

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    Lanning Xiaoxi didn't understand Wang Han's meaning for a moment. After guessing the general meaning, she immediately said: "Things in the city also develop randomly, but here it's completely wild, that's the quality." source. can develop at will. The specific cause of the situation created may be that the source quality overlaps each other, then some inexplicable things appear, then we don't know exactly what happened, but in this completely wild situation, everything is messy, and putting all the messy things in front of you at once can give you such a gaudy feeling. .. But you might think that our human countries and districts also appeared this way, but we know how to organize, So chaos becomes order. Then don't worry about this. Disorder and order are relative. It depends on what criteria you use to classify them. If you classify them by outline then No, but if you classify them by source quality then it is a product of complete order! And do you think this is really good, it's quite beautiful and it can make people feel calm.

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    The duckling rubbed his chin, then shook his head firmly, "No way, Lan Ninh's Vuong Han is not an ordinary person, he is a member of the Lan Ninh family, if he really had the strength he would definitely stand up. Not just for himself." There is an SR level teacher to teach him, but also for his Lanning family. After all, once he gets the medal, it will be difficult for Ly Lo Nguyen to force him step by step, and the status of the Lanning family will also change. Much better, so it's impossible, the original quality of this skill Lanning Vuong Han can't release, I definitely can't find the key point, I won't do it, as long as I remember clearly is to be. If you look at what happened that day, then I can definitely prove it in front of my master. It's better to be despised by him every day. This makes me very uncomfortable!"

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    Or Lanning Xiaoxi really thought about the process of Wang Han escaping from the empty nursing car, she should be able to understand a very basic thing! This is an A-level project. The leader in the A-level project is said to have a computing power of 280 points, combined with the computing power of tens of millions of other people, it will be quite surprising. This is the result. Vuong Han was able to make a breakthrough from this result. He is absolutely not a stupid person who started from scratch. Before that, he had put in a lot of effort in the room to raise virtual beasts, and finally can also break through the illusion. cabin has proven that he has a computing power that at least surpasses all the staff in the entire A series nursing cabin. Otherwise, would it be so easy to break through the empty nursing cabin? Can anyone create a soul trap?

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    "Understood! I will definitely do it to the end! Please rest assured! So do you have any other requests? I will write them all down here!"